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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mamreilly 10 / 10

If a movie can be reverent, this is it. The violence against Christians was handled well. The theatre was silent at the end, watching the credits to the end. No one wanted to get up and leave. We need more movies like this.

Reviewed by erhelvering 10 / 10

First off, know what to expect going into this movie. It is not a retelling of the book of Acts and Paul's many exploits. It is about him reaching the end of his life and passing the torch to the next generation of Christians, as they all grapple with the difficulty of following God in the midst of a cruel and evil world. Knowing that, I don't think you will be disappointed.

I rated this a 10 because I don't know if any movie has moved me more than this one did. At least, very few have. It's not perfect, but by the end I was sobbing uncontrollably in the theater. Specifically, seeing the suffering of the persecuted Christians, and especially Paul's struggle with lingering guilt over his part in that persecution, culminating with the final scene (which I won't spoil here).

I'll admit that some of the dialogue, especially earlier on in the film, could probably be better, as could the quality of some shots or the sound mixing in a few moments. But the acting is strong across the board, and the production design and costumes look very authentic. Most importantly, the drama is sustained throughout, and there are profound spiritual insights to be gleaned.

Reviewed by Kris King 10 / 10

This is an important film. It is the Bible come to life, accurately, and brutally. It speaks of hope, love, redemption, grace, and godliness. In Paul's writings, he paints a clear portrait of a Christ-follower and constantly reminds us why we do what we do. Jim Caviezel is brilliant as Luke, and it's hard not to see him as the Jesus he portrayed in "The Passion of the Christ". This actually works, because it is a subtle reminder of the unseen center of the story...Jesus. James Faulkner is exactly who you picture as Paul. His portrayal was spot on. The Bible does not address the end of Paul's life, but history does. This movie tells "the rest of the story" and in doing so, answers the persistent question "if God loves you, why does He let you suffer?". Read Luke and Acts to learn more. I encourage everyone to go see it to support a good film ...and to stir your soul.

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