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Reviewed by Alison 9 / 10

Action-Packed, But Tender Too

Hong Gil-dong (Lee Je-hoon) is a detective with a mission: to find the man who murdered his mother in front of his childhood self and avenge her death. For years, he has worked as a detective in the large organization headed by the sister of the wealthy family that adopted him, learning the skills he needs to track this killer down. When he finally has his target in sight, however, members of a mysterious gang kidnap the man, leaving his two young granddaughters distraught and not sure where to turn. Hong tells the girls that he can find their relative, but he needs them to come with him on the journey, and so the three set off together. The girls hope Hong will save their grandfather, but they don't know the reason he's hunting him?. That's a very brief description of the set-up of this extremely convoluted story; there are more twists and turns here than I've seen in a film in a very long time! Nobody is who they seem to be and nobody's motives are what they appear. Well, except maybe for the two girls - I wish I knew the names of the child actors, who are excellent (particularly the 8-year-old, perpetually snot-faced, younger kid). There's an awful lot to like in this movie, both because of its hard-boiled aspect, its tender one and its sheer over-the-top action. One thing I'm not sure of is its time frame; there are references (visual and otherwise) to the 1980s, but the clothing and cars, among other indications, seem to hark back to the 1930s. If that anachronistic visualization doesn't derail you, however, you're in for a heck of a packed, exciting and ultimately satisfying two hours!

Reviewed by aartm-46223 8 / 10

Intoxicating mix of styles and genres

A lone detective who works for a secret agency, solving cases in quick, ruthless fashion. But this detective is also on a quest to exact revenge on the man who violently ruined his family's life 20 years ago. The journey will inevitably take some unexpected turns. This is a film that may divide audiences, due to its off-kilter approach to a number of different genres, time periods and visual styles, using the framework of a hard- boiled detective story to metaphorically glance at various hardships Korea has endured over the past 100 years. It takes a little while for the film's rhythm to take hold, but once it does and you completely click into its particular point-of-view, it becomes more entertaining as it goes on. Writer/director Jo Sung-hee, who impressed with the minimalist, post-apocalyptic END OF ANIMAL and the romance/drama/fantasy A WEREWOLF BOY, again moves down a different path, with a film that is heavily influenced by comic books and pulp crime novels. His smart blend of camera technique, lighting schemes, CGI animation, and set design makes this a feast for the eyes, and if it is screening at a cinema nearby, then I highly recommend that you go and experience it on the big screen.

Lee Je-hoon, who caught people's attention with his performances in the first-rate but appropriately titled BLEAK NIGHT and the acclaimed Korean War drama THE FRONT LINE, is very good as detective Gil-dong, and the relationship that develops between he and the two girls is genuinely affecting. However, he doesn't quite command the screen in the way needed to make a film like this truly soar (say like Park Hae-il), but on the strength of his work here, you know that day is not far away. Kim Seong-gyoon proves intimidating as the brutal Kang Sung-il, but the film is stolen by young actors Kim Ha-na (as Mal-soon) and No Jeong-ee (as Dong-yi), who are utterly charming as Gil-dong's hindrance-come-helpers. The director gets remarkably natural and confident performances from the two youngsters, thankfully free of cloyingly sweet mannerisms and cheap sentimentality.

The less you know about the plot details the better, as Jo Sung-hee's final vision may be somewhat contrary to what you might be expecting. But it's a surprise that definitely leaves a smile on your face when the end credits begin to roll, and has you already looking forward to what this talented film-maker will do next.

Reviewed by ebossert 8 / 10

This is the kind of film that Hollywood does not like to make nowadays

Note: Check me out as the "Asian Movie Enthusiast" on YouTube, where I review tons of Asian movies.

Our protagonist (a detective, of course) works day-to-day to track down missing persons. One day, he finally finds the man who murdered his mother (when he was a child), but the murderer gets kidnapped and the detective must track down the criminals responsible. At the same time, however, he is forced to watch over two little girls (the murderer's grandchildren) who are tagging along for the ride. Unfortunately, the kidnappers work for a shadowy organization that has no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in their way.

This movie has a very noir-ish feel to it, with a lot of investigation that leads our protagonist from place to place as he narrates his thoughts. He even wears the old school detective hat and coat, which gives him a classical look. The lead actor is Je-hoon Lee, who previously starred in "Bleak Night" and appeared in "The Front Line" (both of which are very good movies, by the way). "The Phantom Detective" provides even more evidence that this guy can legitimately carry a movie. He does a good job of portraying a man who is proficient at his job, but is still vulnerable and can get in over his head.

The dynamic between him and the girls is somewhat unorthodox. However, it's also endearing because the kids don't immediately know that he wants to take revenge on their grandfather, but they do figure out fairly early on that he is a habitual liar ? and this gives some leeway for the filmmakers to pepper in some humorous exchanges of dialogue between them. In addition, one of the girls breaks out a notepad and takes down information while he questions people, almost as if she were a detective herself. This is entertaining stuff that safely avoids the "annoying little kid" clich? that can really hurt a movie. So basically, there are no weak points when considering the acting in this movie ? everyone holds their own.

In terms of action ? there are a handful of gun battles and fist fights, none of which are graphically violent, but they do have a hard-hitting feel to them that adds a weight and danger to everything. The action design has a "higher octane" feel to it, without the need for going over the top or chucking in cartoonish set pieces. Everything is grounded here, and that's important in this case due to the tone and type of film we're dealing with. Sure, we have three likable leads, but there are some dangerous people in this movie. One such person is the main bad guy, who makes multiple appearances throughout as he stalks the protagonists. And let me tell you, he's one tough son-of-a-gun too. Now, I won't spoil the ending for you, but what I will say is that it's very satisfying.

There are a few stylistic flourishes that are used for the buildings and environments at times, which utilize some artificial visuals. I know some critics have complained a bit about these particular special effects, but I thought it was a neat idea that gave this film some charm. You know, I have to say, "The Phantom Detective" feels like something that would have come out of U.S. during the 1990s. This is the kind of movie that Hollywood doesn't like to make anymore. And I definitely recommend it.

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