The Endless


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mart Sander 10 / 10

An Instant Nightmare For A Captious Consumer

This film is as bizarre and unsettling as it is inventive and refreshing. Would I need to draw parallels, the closest thing that comes to mind is The Saragossa Manuscript by Wojciech Has - both films create a mesmerizing atmosphere of surreal foreboding, put the viewer in a state of sleep paralysis from which you don't want to wake up. The Endless features a stellar cast of (yet) unknown actors, who deserve to be embraced by the mainstream film industry - as deserve Benson and Moorehead. I'm certain that men of their wit and passion wouldn't lose their cutting edge qualities even when softly landing a multi million dollar film deal that might make a weaker spirit complacent.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

A rather amazing film.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead wanted to make a film. The problem is that they're newcomers to filmmaking and didn't have the millions it usually costs to make a movie. So, they chose to star in the film, direct, produce and Benson wrote the script! In addition, although the film has some sci-fi/supernatural elements, they managed to create some stunning special effects on the cheap! Watching it is like a lesson on economical filmmaking...and it's a darned good film to boot!

Justin and Aaron (yes, the filmmakers use their real names) both apparently left a cult many years ago. Unfortunately, their lives have sucked since and not Aaron is growing wistful and wants to return to this cult for at least a visit. Exasperated, his brother eventually agrees to make the drive to the middle of no where. And, not surprisingly Aaron LOVES the place and wants to stay. Justin, on the other hand, soon learns more about the place and is scared to Aaron eventually will be as well.

I would try to explain more about the plot but it's almost impossible to describe the plot. Instead, just watch it with an open mind and enjoy the high quality of the production. It's also a film with a few funny moments as well as harrowing ones...and a film that I am very happy I saw at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Reviewed by spencerwaynesmith 8 / 10

Great original movie that will keep your interest

After viewing a large number of horror/sci-fi movies, the plots tend to bleed into each other. Everything seems to be derivative and formulaic. This is not that kind of movie. It is very original and kept my attention the entire running. It is sooo refreshing to see new ideas in my beloved genre. That being said, not all your questions will be answered. It will be a bit confusing at time, but I will gladly forgive those minor flaws for originality, great acting, and a well done movie. I highly recommend this movie to those seeking something different that is well done and very engaging. I've been a big fan of the director's other works such as VHS: Viral, Dementia and Spring. Give them a look if you get a chance. I might just have to see this again with my horror friends. It's a great movie.

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